I want a refund

Do you want a refund? We can help you out with that. Contact our customer service team for more help.

Have you had an issue with one of our photo booths, washing machines or children's rides that requires a refund?

We can help you out with issuing a refund based on the options below.


Do you want a refund for a photo taken at our photo booth?

We issue refunds for photos that do not print and photos with cosmetic faults. If your code isn't working, we have a help article to take you troubleshoot.

‍Please note: We do not investigate broken codes or offer refunds until 72 hours have elapsed since your photo was taken.

If you have experienced a technical issue of our own fault (your photo did not print, it has a cosmetic fault like a lens flare, a server issue has rendered your purchase void), you can report the machine and claim a refund from us.


Do you want a refund due to your experience with one of our washing machines?

If your washing has become stuck in one of our machines, see our article on how to solve the issue. If you have used one of our dryers and found your clothes were not properly dried, see our article on how to solve the issue.


Do you want a refund due to your experience with one of our children's rides?

If you paid for a session on one of our children's rides and the machine failed to switch on, you are entitled to a refund from us - contact the team to get help.


Do the above cases apply to you?

Be sure to read the terms below to make sure. If you find you are still eligible for a refund, you can apply for one here.




In the rare cases of the PMI Booth producing photographs that are not of satisfactory quality, our maximum liability, and your sole remedy, for defective products sold by a PMI Booth, whether such liability is in contract, negligence, statute or otherwise at law is as follows.

You will be entitled to a refund of the price of the photos. To seek a refund, you may contact us by:

(i) writing to our Customer Service Department, Photo-Me International plc, Unit 3B Blenheim Road, Epsom KT19 9AP; or

(ii) emailing callcentre@me-group.com

We will normally issue a full refund for a single set of photographs on a β€˜no-quibble’ basis but reserves the right to you to send in the photographs to support the claim for a single set refund, multiple purchases or if we have previously paid you a refund. This is to enable us to assess the alleged problems with the photographs. Where we exercise this right, we will also refund to you the cost of sending us the photographs by ordinary first-class post, provided we decide that a refund is due on the photographs.

Where you phone our call centre, we may ask you to write in if we have any difficulty understanding you, so we can make sure the refund is issued correctly.



In no event will we have any liability whatsoever for any indirect or consequential loss incurred by you or anyone for whom you may be acting howsoever that loss may be caused and regardless of whether we have or are deemed to have any knowledge that non-production of a photograph or a defect or problem with any photograph would or is likely to give rise to such loss. Non-exhaustive examples of such indirect losses include (i) travel fares incurred by you for the purpose of going elsewhere to have your photos taken, and (ii) the cost of someone else taking the photos.


Need a refund? You can apply for one here.
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Based on your answers, you are entitled to a refund. Report the machine first to receive a refund.
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