Amuse.Me promotion did not activate as expected

Have you tried to activate a promotion for one of our kid's rides, but have struggled to use the Monyx app or been charged incorrectly?

Have you tried to activate a promotion for one of our kid's rides, but have struggled to use the Monyx Wallet app or been charged incorrectly?

Our kids rides are operated by our brand Amuse.Me and we occasionally run promotions for all customers. To host these promotions, we work with our payment provider Nayaxvia their app Monyx Wallet. Due to the nature of digital promotions, there is a chance a software bug could have impacted your experience. In this article, we troubleshoot the possible issues you could be facing.

I can not click the 'PAY' button

When attempting to utilise your discount via the Monyx app, you will need to scan the QR code on the machine you want to use to activate the unique top-up card for that machine. Once you have done this, you should see the option to 'PAY' using a pre-loaded Amuse.Me card in your Monyx wallet. However, in some cases the 'PAY' button remains greyed out. If this has happened to you it may be for one of two reasons.

  1. The app has frozen. To fix this, simply close the app and restart it.
  2. Your phone is not supported. If you have a phone from the list of unsupported devices listed at the bottom of this article, our promotions will not work on your phone. At present we can not offer an alternative. We apologise for the inconvenience if your device is not supported.

My contactless was activated and I was charged

To activate an Amuse.Me discount you'll need to scan a QR code. While scanning the QR code, you may have accidentally activated your contactless in the process by getting too close to the machine terminal. If you were incorrectly charged for a kids ride while attempting to activate the promotion, see our article on how to request a refund.

The following devices are not supported by the Monyx Wallet App and will not be able to activate promotions:

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